At Incontrol Technologiese, clients are avail a wide variety of Office Automation equipments that are technically Innovative, and state-of-the-art integrated hardware and software applications. We take a more in-depth view of your IT challenges and offers advanced solutions that touch on all our business units. Our consultants are vastly experienced and have knowledge on wide spectrum of technologies to accomplish your office needs smooth and softly.

Our office automation services are mostly comprised of AV presentations, Interactive presentation systems, conference solutions, unified messaging and many other connectivity solutions which can be centered and handled with a push or touch of a button at your comfort. We provide customized solutions and services at affordable price.


Automation is quickly picking up speed as the must-have consumer technology, and for good reason. Incontrol Technologies offers highly integrated and controlled systems from setting the alarm via smartphone to turning on lights automatically and programming the air conditioning, technology brings enhanced convenience, comfort and safety for consumers where they need it most—at home.

Clients have placed a great trust in our services, as we not only just design and install suitable home automation applications and also we are responsible for  ensuring the safety and security of the residents. Incontrol Technologies supported by challenging professionals to install equipments comprehensively in accordance to your customized requirements. Using thermostat and other controllers, you can simply automate your homes and regulate the temperatures against to the environment conditions. Lights, Fans and other equipments can be turned off automatically when the halls or rooms are not occupied using our most preferable home automation systems. So why should not  you transform your home to a smart automated today?