Tracking group activities and attendance of resources is made easier now with Biometric applications offered at Incontrol Technologies. These products are simple and integrated with advanced technologies compatible with generic, and future technologies. We seamlessly integrate these equipments with other security components that allow you to track unique physical characteristics and authenticate your identity and give quick & most accurate results.

Since our inception, we have been able to arrange the world’s best Biometric solutions to the corporate and government offices. You have got cover with full range biometrically enabled enterprise level solutions that ensure reduced risk, increased efficiency and improved information management across a wide range of business processes. Now we also offer cloud-based image matching and provide face recognition technologies that incorporates visible and infrared modalities, face detection, image quality analysis, verification and identification.


While business, protection has been the most desirable option of every market. It may be a corporate or any public attract stalls, shops, kiosks, shopping malls and homes…etc, we ensure a high monitoring and surveillance at most affordable price as you require. Incontrol Technologies design  truly real time and extremely valuable tools that protect your assets and act as a firewall against theft and other illegal activities.

To protect you and your business from unlawful activities, we take a honorable part to minimize the risk by providing extremely high quality CCTV equipments. Client can avail with both types of products like analog and IP based systems. Camera design and setup is our primary objective and it is based on your environment and we can place it in different modes like a product of artistically pleasing or deterrent and covert…etc. Each product is highly efficient and gives extreme performance in capturing long distance objects and also in recording huge volumes of data. We provide best-in-class equipments, that surely deserve your investment.